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Know More About us

Infographicsprofile was founded in 2013 and launched in 2017 by a guild of professionals from IT, Internet, Recruitment and Banking domain. We are pioneers in creating disruptive products in the most dynamic and ever evolving Job market. Our prime focus is to create disruption in the recruitment world by introducing innovation that will eventually turnaround the recruitment trends. Our products are outcome of research & is fusion of Human Behaviour with Science.

Today, Infographicsprofile.com is World’s first company that develops Career Enhancement Solutions manually for Students, Job-Seekers, Universities & Colleges manually, with zero software intervention. Recruitment industry is evolving with every passing day and recruiters are shifting new solutions that makes their job easy with focus on quality.

Our Smart Solutions & Products communicates end message to the Recruiters or end customers at a glance, in the most engaging manner with the help of Visual Elements like Data Visualization, Graphs, Charts, Images, Timelines & Icons. No other Job Portal in India offers these products.

Value Proposition

We are determined to continue our efforts in building disruptive products/solutions that are World Class, Game Changer and Consumer Friendly. Our Products are extremely Successful & Loved by Consumers for the following reasons:

We present your credentials in the form of Data Visualisation, Charts, Statistics & Numbers as they are processed 60,000 times faster than a Traditional CV by Human brain. It successfully increases the 6 seconds attention span to 5 minutes. Following are the notable facts:-

  • Success Rate is 323%
  • Information Processes 60,000 times faster that a normal text.
  • Increase Recruiters response rate by 92%
  • Increase rate of understanding by 95%
  • Increase Willingness to read by 80%
  • Read 30 times more that a text document
  • Text CV has Information Overloaded which is difficult to digest for recruiters. Infographics has Zero Information Overload
  • Recruitment trends are vastly changing towards Social hiring instead of Conventional hiring methods.
  • Recruiters love to see information backed by Data and Infographics scores very high on that front.

Unlike any other CV writing company, we not only create exceptional job focused content but also compliment it with best of Infographic designs that delivers the message to recruiter with a 360 degree view of your personality, builds credibility, authenticity and presents the information in the form of data that is measurable to speed up the hiring process. Our core focus is to offer products to students/ Job-Seekers in sync with evolving recruitment trends.

Our Offerings